Ben Simpson: Top Films of 2010

1: House of the Devil

Ti West’s masterpiece.

2: Black Swan

Aronofsky finds it impossible to make a bad film (he might succeed with The Wolverine) and this may be his best yet. Chaotic while still grounded into reality.

3: Amer

Hypnotic. A great throw back to Giallo films of the 70’s (which I haven’t seen to many of).

4: The Social Network

A film about facebook, how could it have been bad?

5: Exit Through the Gift Shop

It was insightful seeing street artists at work and how far a lack of talent can get you

6: Red White & Blue

If Larry Clarke and Rob Zombie directed a film together it would probably turn out like this.

7: A Serbian Film

Punk cinema at it’s finest with some great cinematography thrown in.

8: Bedevilled

Heavy on drama with a brutal slasher twist.

9: Animal Kingdom

Subtle and subdued yet compelling. The police don’t take any shit and the mother is a complete bitch. Great performances with a shocking climax.

10: Shutter Island

Scorsese is still at the top of his game after all these years. The atmosphere and score is superb, It’d probably be higher on my list if I’d seen it more than once.

Ben Simpson is the Co – Director of Patrol Men

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